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SBIO Business Society and Rethinking Economics Norway invite you to our joint event on Thursday January 24th, 17.00

We have invited two guest speakers, Monica Mee from Norsif and Andres Fagernæs from Geelmuyden Kiese

Pizza will be served 

Location: BI Norwegian Business School, Nydalsveien 37, Room: B2-045

Private finance has huge power to shape the economy. Banks create money when they make loans, so their lending decisions determine where the money flows and where it doesn’t. Institutional investors— the pension funds and asset managers who look after out savings— channel trillions of dollars and control the world’s biggest companies through the exercise of shareholder rights. A core question for the 21st century is how we can channel more of these funds into a real economy that enables people to build and scale green infrastructure and technology.

The financial sector is already changing, today’s students in finance and economics might enter a  very different financial sector than the one portrayed in the current text books. How can today’s students play an active part in changing the financial system so that is becomes a part of the solution? Do we need to change the current logic of maximizing short term shareholder value? Or will it become profitable to save our planet?

Rethinking Economics Norway are planning to set up a local student group at BI Norwegian Business School. Please stop by if you are interested in learning more about our work. If you are interested but not able to attend the Thursday meeting – please send us an email!

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About the speakers:

Monica Mee leads the committee on academic cooperation in Norsif. Norsif is an independent association of asset owners and asset managers, service providers and industry associations with interest in, and activities related to, responsible and sustainable investments. As a professional forum Norsif aims to promote and contribute to the development of the field of responsible investment and increase awareness of responsible and sustainable investment practices in the Norwegian financial industry and among other stakeholders.

Anders Fagernæs is head of sustainability at Geelmuyden Kiese. During his four years at Geelmuyden Kiese, he has helped top management navigate in the public domain and take positions in markets and politics. “A common point for all clients is that they need to tell a relevant and engaging story both internally and to the public to reach their goals. Another is that they are all facing challenges with communicating sustainability and social responsibility. Industries I have worked closely with include electricity, waste, construction, telecoms, finance and payments.”

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