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Hvorfor er vi så besatt av behovet for økonomisk vekst?

Vekst er målestokken for alle samfunn og forteller om de er vellykkede eller ikke, men må vi ha vekst for å skape utvikling og gode samfunn? Og hva skjer med kapitalismen hvis vi ikke har vekst?

Rethinking Economics Norge inviterer til norgespremiere på filmen System Error, i samarbeid med Oslo Dokumentarkino. Filmvisningen er en del av konferansen Rethinking Sustainability.

Tone Smith, Ph.D. in Ecological Economics and one of the founders of Rethinking Economics Norway, will give a short introduction to the movie, linking its topic and critical approach to the conference Rethinking Sustainability and one of the the aims of the organisation generally, namely to contribute to broaden the debate about economic policy in society.

Tid: Fredag 8. februar kl 18.00
Sted: Vega scene, Hausmanns gate 28

100 kr,- // 60,- kr for studenter eller kombinert med konferansepass til Rethinking Sustainability.

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En film av Florian Opitz, Tyskland 2018
Tale: Engelsk og tysk
Tekstet på: Engelsk

In English:

A film by Florian Opitz

Why are we so obsessed with economic growth, despite knowing that perpetual growth will kill us in the end? SYSTEM ERROR looks for answers to this principal contradiction of our time and considers global capitalism from the perspective of those who run it. In this manner, the film not only makes the absurdity of our growth-centered system uncomfortably perceptible, but also strikingly questions the seemingly irrefutable rules of the game within a bigger context.

This is the first time SYSTEM ERROR is screened in Norway.
The film screening is a part of the conference Rethinking Sustainability and in collaboration with Oslo Dokumentarkino (The Oslo Documentary Cinema).

Tickets for the film here:
100 kr,- // 60,- kr for students or together with a conference registration.

The documentary film director Florian Opitz was born in 1973 in Saarbrücken and grew up in the tranquil little town of Baden-Baden, where he whiled away his time as a boy scout and later as a punk, before embarking on a masters degree in history, psychology, and English and American literature.
He ended up in television by chance and has worked in the industry since 1998 as a documentary writer and director. Florian Opitz made his cinema debut with the political and internationally acclaimed documentary film The Big Sellout (2007), which clinched the Adolf Grimme Award in 2009 and was screened at over 40 international film festivals. Without even noticing, it was around this time that his life slowly began to pick up pace…

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