Rethinking Finance



Rethinking Finance took place in Oslo April 12 – 13 2018 at BI Norwegian Business School. It was a great success, with 150 participants and many interesting debates. You can watch the full conference through our youtube-channel

 This conference is a cooperation between Rethinking Economics Norway, Centre for Financial Regulation BI, Finance Watch and Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) Working Group on Financial Stability.


We have collected texts from some of our speakers at the conference in our recent publication called Rethinking Finance. Read more about it here.

What is money?

Talk by Ann Pettifor with comments from Bjørn Skogstad Aamo:

Why and how do we regulate modern finance

With Sheila Dow and Rohan Grey:

From shadow banking to market based finance: old wine in new bottles?

With Daniela Gabor and Thorvald Grung Moe.

What is Modern Money Theory?

With Rohan Grey and Jesper Jespersen, comments from Erling Steigum:

What gives cryptocurrencies value?

With Torbjørn Bull Jenssen and Asker Voldsgaard:

Do we need to fix our financial system, and how?

With Sheila Dow, Christoffer Kok Barbara A Bukhvalova and Giulia Porino:

Media coverage

Interview with Ann Pettifor in Klassekampen March 10th

Interview with Ann Pettifor in Universitas April 25th

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Supported by Young Scholars Initiative and Finansmarkedsfondet.


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